now you’re talking Portland. Old Town Pizza has been spinning some of the finest pie in Portland at their historic original location since 1974, and holding its own in the best brew scene in the world since 2011. In 2018 alone they won gold at the North American Beer Awards, and two more at the World Beer Cup. Three out of the top 20 IPAs in Portland are made by OTB according to the Willamette Week. That was just in 2018, they now have a track record of many solid brews since 2013 including three medals at the Great American Beer Festival. Check out all of their beer accolades (too many to fit here) here.

The brewery, their newest location, is in a hip part of Northeast Portland. Balancing old and new comes easy to Adam Milne, owner of the Old Town properties.When he built the new location, he used reclaimed materials from the 19th century and has created a space that is as fresh as it is timeless. He visited the original pizza place for his 9th birthday and eventually bought the original location (presumably finally cracking into the piggy bank he started filling when he was 9). Old Town Pizza (in the 1880 Merchant Hotel) is known for its haunted past, and the downtown location features tours of their underground, keeping history alive for people of all ages. Check out both locations at