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Today we have a special guest from the annals of Portland History, Mr. Bud Clark. Starting as an innkeeper at the historic Goose Hollow Inn, Bud Clark is famous for appearing in the wildly popular “Expose Yourself to Art” campaign. He later became the Mayor of Portland and was known and appreciated as “The People’s Mayor.” Bud has a certain way of doing things, and is known for performing his duties as Mayor with a flourish. He is known for biking to work and for exclaiming “whoop whoop” with every opportunity. How many mayors do you know who have their own catchphrase?


What is your occupation?
Bud Clark is the owner of Goose Hollow Inn, a tavern which he opened in 1967. Over the years, Bud and his family ended up adding food that has grown the pub into as much of a restaurant as it is a tavern. Rachel Clark, Bud’s daughter, now manages the pub. Bud and his family also own Fehrenbacher Hof Coffee House, located right next door to Goose Hollow Inn.


The interior of the Goose Hollow Inn, featuring the World’s Best Rueben!

Have you always lived in Portland? If not, when did you first move here? Where are you from before that?
Bud has lived in Portland since 1938, when he arrived with his mother from Boise, Idaho. It was here in Portland that Bud set down roots and raised his family of four kids with his wife, Sigrid.
Do you have more roots in the West Side or the East side of the Willamette River?
We have roots on both sides of the Willamette River. Bud grew up mostly in Northwest Portland, attending Fruit and Flower Day Care and Couch School, but he also lived in Southeast where he attended Glencoe Grade School for five years. After that, his mother moved them back to Northwest Portland, and he attended and graduated from Lincoln High School.
What is your favorite brunch spot in Portland?
Bud’s favorite brunch spots include: McMenamin’s Fulton Pub, Horsebrass, The Nite Hawk, and of course, Fehrenbacher Hof Coffee Room and Goose Hollow Inn…
How do you feel about the Television series Portlandia?
It’s clever, and it certainly brought people to Portland. You may not know this, but Bud proposed the idea of changing the name of Portland to Portlandia to his staff…but they shot it down. There are many Portlands, but no Portlandias!
What is your favorite donut place in Portland?
Bud doesn’t eat many donuts; he keeps a loaf of Fehrenbacher Hof harvest bread in his refrigerator, having a slice for breakfast. His grandkids’ current go-tos include Annie’s on Fremont and Sesame off Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway, as well as VooDoo.
Would you rather attend a game of the Portland Timbers or Trailblazers?
Bud would take you up on a date to the Trailblazers, but he is thankful for all that the Timbers has brought to the city as well. He’s surrounded by both Trailblazer and Timbers fans within his family circle.
If you had a friend visiting Portland for a weekend, which part of town would you tell them to stay in, and why?
We would probably discuss staying in Northwest or Southwest Portland, somewhere like the Hotel Deluxe: It’s easy to get anywhere from close-in Southwest Portland. There are so many terrific hotels downtown and throughout the Portland area. Stay somewhere that will make your travels easy, depending on what you’re planning. There is also a new Convention Center Hotel, which Bud believes will bring more visitors to Portland and provide easy access to convention center events.
Please list off a quick itinerary of a few (4-7) places in a neighborhood you may want to visit for an afternoon.
Start out with a stroll along Balch Creek in Macleay Park – its starting point is just a little ways up NW Thurman Street. After that breath of fresh air, and the sound of a gurgling stream, start your urban stroll where NW Thurman meets NW 23rd Avenue: along 23rd Avenue, you’ll find something for everyone in your group, whether it’s gifts, clothing, treats, beauty supplies, or food and drink. Here are a few of the Clark family’s favorite stops: Bud enjoys a stop at Nob Hill Bar and Grill (everyone calls it “The Nobby”) or McMenamin’s Tavern and Pool; Bud’s granddaughters might recommend Blush Beauty Bar and Lush; Rachel gets lost in New Renaissance Bookstore and Kitchen Kaboodle; Tea Chai Te (where you can choose from a variety of Bubble Teas) is a hidden gem located in a converted house; and Escape From New York Pizza has been a tasty destination for Clark family members for years…