The Unipiper (yes, that Unipiper) is at it again- with a host of his favorite weirdos, he has created an organization to support some people in Portland that make it unique. With Weird Portland United, he and many Portlanders look to retain the spark of artistry, the different perspectives, and the fun-loving attitudes that have been carefully cultivated in our weird little city. They look to recognize the past, present, and future of offbeat arts in the Rose City.

True to form, the organization was launched with a new Unipiper Hazy IPA from Portland Brewing, a huge kick off party (where everyone got a chance to try said IPA), and performances from some amazing local weird talent. The Unipiper, dressed as Willy Wonka, gave an impassioned speech about the value of weird, and Performers danced, spun from the ceiling, lifted each other off the ground, and removed layer after layer of clothing. The crew at PVM were invited to see the spectacle. Brit got kissed by a llama wearing a hat. Scot had to do a double take when he was pretty sure that a pot-bellied pig just waltzed in towards the bar. The Unipiper never disappoints. Learn more about his new organization at