Portland has a lot to do within the city center, but what sets it apart is it’s access to the wild areas just outside of the urban area. We have always had great access to our wild spaces, but since the 1973 Urban Growth Boundary they are protected in ways that the wild places in other states are not. This has lead to a wonderful local outdoor sporting goods industry that is of a quality that one might find in a small mountain town, but on a much larger scale. A champion of this industry since 1945, Andy and Bax has everything for anyone going into the outdoors.

Andy and Bax started out as an army-surplus store just after the end of the war when military goods were the best available equipment for outdoors adventure. Now they offer goods from throughout the outdoors industry in an eclectic and fun atmosphere. They still feature military-specific equipment, including their ever-popular collection of gas masks and military uniforms and insignia, but they have kept up with the needs of the outdoor industry and have excellent and affordable products for travel, winter, watersports, and any number of other outdoor activities.

Another highlight has always been Andy and Bax’s enormous boat showroom. Oregon has an open access to our public waterways and beaches, and locals and visitors alike love to float in many rivers and lakes in the region. Andy and Bax is an excellent first stop for anyone going on any sort of expedition. They have come a long way from the early days with converted military boats that were used as whitewater crafts. Today they have an excellent modern fleet that’s ready to hit the water whenever you are! Learn more at https://www.andyandbax.com/.