7 fun locations, a Portland potporri of food and sites from the incomparable Poison Waters, one of our best-known drag personalities!

Poison Waters is known as the “Smile on the Face of Portland,” and her appearances at events throughout the region are legendary. Here are all of them plotted on one map. Below is our quick-look interview, and if you want to learn more about her, check out the website at Poisonwaters.com.

What is your occupation?
Event emcee and co host at Darcelle XV Showplace
Have you always lived in Portland? If not, when did you first move here? Where are you from before that?
My family moved to Portland in 1979 after two years in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, New Mexico. I was born in Southern California.
Do you have more roots in the West Side or the East Side of the Willamette River?
I’ve been an East Sider for the majority of my time here, with the exception of 12 years living downtown.
What is your favorite brunch spot in Portland?
It’s a three way tie: Mothers, Beswas and McMenamins Kennedy School for my Drag Queen Brunch ha ha!
How do you feel about the television series Portlandia?
I enjoyed it, I definitely saw a lot of “Portland” in it but also had to laugh at most of it.
What is your favorite donut place in Portland?
Delicious Doughnuts in E Burnside and MLK
Would you rather attend a game of the Portland Timbers or Trailblazers? Or another event?
If you had a friend visiting Portland for a weekend, which part of town would you tell them to stay in, and why?
Close in NE, because it’s easy to get everywhere from there and that’s where I live ha ha!