COVID-19 Virus Wreaks havoc on Tourism Industry

The Corona Virus is here and it’s scary, so we know we need to use proper precautions. Not everyone has full access to hazmat suits, flamethrowing bagpipes, and maneuverable unicycles like our friend the Unipiper. Part of the charm of visiting Portland any time of year is that our city is proud of its small businesses, and the independent spirit that is so fun to showcase to our beloved visitors. This year, right at Spring Break- which is typically the kickoff for our tourism season, we have received the worst possible news at the worst possible time. COVID-19 is a gnarly bug with a lot of misinformation being put online. Check out the real deal at the CDC website and follow their guidelines for personal as well as community measures. This has led to the governor temporarily shutting down eat-in food statewide. Food is one of the biggest reasons people come to our little town, and so this is devastating to our local economy. Here’s a list of practices that you can use to help out local small businesses:

  1. Cancel early. Many experiences require planning, especially for staffing purposes. The earlier we know that your flights are cancelled, the earlier we can plan.
  2. Consider a gift certificate for yourself. Small businesses will need quick capital, and a gift certificate gets them a little ahead of the curve. 
  3. Order take-out. Many of our killer restaurants are still cooking, you just can’t be inside. Check out this list of places that are still offering their world-class fare during the shutdown. While eating, close your eyes and imagine yourself in their comfortable restaurant spaces.
  4. Consider rescheduling rather than cancelling. At some point, this is all going to blow over and Portland will still be here, fun as ever.
  5. Local businesses are trying to figure out creative ways to still reach their customers. Our friends at the U.S. Outdoor Store are starting deliveries!

Thanks, and stay safe out there!