This month we have Catherine Dayger, a local amazing mom of a 1-year-old, brunch enthusiast and cancer scientist. Her family loves going to the Children’s Museum as well as to Tiny Talkers, a family sign-language class. She prefers brunch places with little to no waits so she can spend more time brunching down! Places like:

Radar, with crazy-good tapas!

Helser’s with crème fraiche everywhere!

The Diner Vancouver

Proud Mary, and Australian twist on amazing, with one of the best selections of in-house coffee in the world.

Mother’s, an absolute juggernaut of amazing world-class food.

Zell’s, featuring the tiniest delicious scones right when you sit down.

J & M, a local secret for slow mornings.

You can see them all on a google map by clicking here for the most epic brunch crawl ever! Is that a thing?

What is your occupation?
Program Manager of Collaborative Science at Knight Cancer Advanced Research Center. I help scientists work together on teams to develop new ways to to detect and stop lethal cancer earlier. Learn more here
Have you always lived in Portland? If not, when did you first move here? Where are you from before that?
Born in Brooklyn, grew up in the Midwest, but I’ve been living in Portland for the last 12+ years.
Do you have more roots in the West Side or the East Side of the Willamette River?
East side, although I’ve lived on the West side too.
What is your favorite brunch spot in Portland?
Probably J & M Cafe, but I have a small group of faves.
How do you feel about the television series Portlandia?
Sometimes it’s startlingly accurate, so accurate as to be kinda boring?
What is your favorite donut place in Portland?
My recent fave is Doe Donuts, they made a m a z i n g beignets for Fat Tuesday.
Would you rather attend a game of the Portland Timbers or Trailblazers? Or another event?
I love going to Blazers games. I hope to 1 day get a selfie with Blaze!
If you had a friend visiting Portland for a weekend, which part of town would you tell them to stay in, and why?
I’d recommend you stay in inner-ish SE because there are lots of places to walk to eat, window shop, people watch, and gawk at cute houses. Also, I’m most familiar with it so I can point them towards my best picks!

Headshot photo credit Bree Mitchell