Managing Events

Login to your events dashboard. You will see your existing events and tools to add more events to your list. Your business or organization already has a Venue and Organization associated with it. When you come to the areas that call for them, when adding an event, simply use the drop-downs to find your business or organization name. Your name already has an address, phone, and other facts filled-in. In the right column, you will find categories and tags. Your tag will ALWAYS be Traverse City. It can be found if you click Most Commonly Used Tags on the right sidebar. Just click it to make it active. You may choose any category or categories for your event. But, be sensible. You won’t get better viewership if you click every category thinking that your event will appear everywhere on every calendar. Plus, its inappropriate. People attending a children’s book reading don’t want to know about a wine tasting event. Please keep this in mind. Your event will start and stop according to your instructions. It will be automatically put where you want it and on to the appropriate page in Whats Up Traverse City. It will also be remembered or archived so that you can recycle it at a later date to save time. Good luck and thanks for using

Adding Single Events

Adding Recurring Events