Body Mechanics

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(503) 234-7567
Portland—SE Portland—Division / Clinton

A community driven studio offering: Pilates, Healing, Chiropractic, and Massage.

I have been going to Body Mechanics for about three years now. There’s an immediate feeling of comfort and “surrender” upon entering the building; any stress is rendered immediately susceptible (and soon to be removed), and any scrutiny is quashed entirely. The staff, whether if I’m there to see them or not, is always personable and friendly. You can tell the owner has strived to create a space that is at once economical (or functional) and warm (or perhaps spiritual) — and though this seems contradictory from the outset, the fusion here is clear and present. And undeniable! What I come here for is my own business — but I will say I would not be writing this in part without my sessions here; with them, I am more open, more in-tuned, and far more capable to traverse the bumps on my own journey. This place contains a tremendous heart that is not only receptive, but beautifully expansive. In sum: It is invaluable, and I can only wish everyone here the best of fortune. – S.S.

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