Demimonde Shop and Studio

/Demimonde Shop and Studio
2136 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR 97211
(503) 206-6371
Portland—NE Portland—Alberta Arts District

The word “demimonde,” French for “half-world”, refers to the space between the day and the night, where definition is not necessary and vagueness is specific. It can be what you want, but when you are in the Demimonde and seek to go back… you must choose one, the dark or the light, or remain in the half world. The Demimonde were considered women of illicit means, artisans and hedonists and in that spirit, Demimonde celebrates the illicit affairs we have with the objects we adorn ourselves with.

Demimonde is a studio and shop featuring jewelry created by Portland based artist Rachael Fox. Demimonde is entirely crafted by hand, committed to the idea of craft as art, most pieces are one of kind or limited in production. Demimonde shop features the best of local Portland designers, as well as carefully curated vintage jewelry and goods.

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