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Hawthorne Cutlery 3208 SE HAWTHORNE BLVD PORTLAND, OREGON 97214
Portland—SE Portland—Hawthorne

Everything from kitchen cutlery to great pocket knives, cheap knives to authentic antique Japanese “Samurai” swords. And as of June 2017 there are about 100 antique Japanese swords in stock. We buy, sell, appraise and/or consign whatever you may have. Honest appraisals and low consignment fees set us apart from others in this town. No offense to those others.

The brands of kitchen cutlery we favor are Dragon (our fav), Shun, MAC (2nd favorite), Global, Lamsonsharp, Messermeister, Wusthof, Sabatier when we can get them, and the wonderful and affordable Mundial. We also have loads of used kitchen knives at very affordable prices.

Along with the Japanese swords we also have a few US Civil War swords (but currently no wrist breakers), various WW1 military swords, African, Phillipine, Indonesian, and I don’t know what all else. Plus a few bayonets and USMC Bolos. One bolo each from WW1, WW2 and Nam. Gotta call or email if you’re looking for something in particular.

The automatic or switchblade knives are our biggest sellers as those guys are legal to own and carry in Portland. But we don’t knowingly sell to crazies and this town is full of ’em. “Keep Portland Effed up” I believe is the official city motto. Call or email with questions or requests for whatever you’re looking for.

We’ve been in business in Portland since 2004 and pride ourselves in being honest, wacky, and sometimes crabby. But, we will not rip you off and try to treat most our customers as friends. It ain’t all about money, buddy. Don’t believe me? Ask my wife.

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