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3123 SE Belmont Street, Portland, OR 97214
(541) 933-8032
Portland—SE Portland—Belmont

behold the mongoose
Since long before Rudyard Kipling, the mongoose has been a part of myth and legend. It’s an animal unlike any other. Known for courage, cunning, and curiosity, this unique creature is a natural mascot for a canna-business. While some mongooses (or mongeese, either is correct) live alone, others live together in small, socialized colonies. They all take turns being community sentinels, standing on hind legs and watching out for danger.

the people
Mongoose Cannabis is a marijuana and mercantile opening in the Belmont/Sunnyside community. Deb and Chuck Grant have deep roots in the neighborhood (20+ years). Deb is renewing her relationship with cannabis and wants others in the same boat to feel comfortable coming in and learning alongside her. Chuck is a seasoned user and after a career as an environmental geologist, he is stoked to be entering into an exciting new industry. Good people are at the heart and soul of this business and Deb & Chuck are building a colony of support around them.

the shop
Beyond providing primo herb, accessories, and souvenirs, Mongoose will also serve as sentinels – staying current on cannabis issues and watching for new developments that impact buyers, sellers, growers, health practitioners, researchers, and others in this budding new field.

Please come see us! We’ll help you find what you want, in true mom and pop store style.

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