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2519 SE Belmont St Portland, OR 97214
Portland—SE Portland—Belmont

Serra is one of the most renowned cannabis vendors providing quality marijuana in Portland. We have product from high-end Pacific Northwest growers and farms, like Prūf Cultivar and East Fork. We also carry edible products, like cannabis-infused chocolate bars made with local Woodblock Chocolate as well as other candy and edible products made by companies like Peak and Wana.

Artisan Goods

The shop offers a variety of artisan paraphernalia, like Hacienda Ware’s geometric ombré pipes and the Summerland ceramic bong, an amazing conversation starter. For those looking for something more dynamic, we offer vaporizer pens and cartridges from companies like O.penVape, Select Strains, and more. The innovative Pax 3 vaporizer can be filled with flower or extracts.

For those coming from out of state, there is no reason for concern; our company is in total compliance with Oregon’s legal and recreational marijuana laws. Our goal is to be a Portland dispensary on Belmont providing both high quality products and positive user experiences. When we started this business, our mission was to provide consumers with an informational and non-intimidating way to pick cannabis products. We want to help users find the best experience possible.


For those who have never tried cannabis before, Serra provides customer support on an individual level. You will receive a Feelings Card, and our expert staff will help you discover the perfect product for a pleasant cannabis experience. There are 6 different options on each feeling card: relaxed, focused, creative, happy, energy, and relief, which allows users to decide which experience they want. The card can also be used to document your experience for future reference, to make sure you can repeat the desired experience. This devoted customer support is what sets Serra apart from other dispensaries.

This Belmont Street dispensary in southeast Portland has numerous noticeable differences when compared to other dispensaries. You will see unique and welcoming light fixtures and a beautifully tiled floor beneath them, bringing a laid back vibe to a high end establishment. There is an elegant and comfortable sitting area, where customers can enjoy the view of the neighborhood. Once your ID is approved, you will enter the main area, a high ceiling room with custom wooden shelves displaying products.


The interior itself is clean and gives the impression of an art gallery. You will see every strain we have on offer laid out on blue-tinted ceramic dishes, inside glass-topped wooden display cases. Wooden display cases for extracts and smoking devices have triangular glass tops reminiscent of a modern greenhouse – after all, the name Serra is ‘greenhouse’ in Italian. There are also bronze magnifying glasses near the display boxes, which customers can use to inspect the cannabis they buy.

We have optimized our store so that buying dispensary products becomes a unique and engaging experience. Going forward, we’ll remain a valuable resource for all types of cannabis customers, from the novice to the expert. All are welcome, even if just to browse and learn more about cannabis.

Come in and let us help you feel all the feelings.

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