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220 SW 1st Ave Portland, OR 97204
Portland—SW Portland—Downtown

We strive to be a Portland dispensary downtown that’s both inviting and high quality in our offerings. We provide a non-intimidating, informational way to pick out marijuana that is right for you. If you are new to cannabis, or coming back to smoking after a long break, Serra provides individual customer support with our Feelings Card to ensure the perfect fit for your needs. Our extensive customer care is one of the many things that sets us apart. We created a feelings based approach to assist people in picking the right strain. There is still all the typical information on THC and CBD for those who have experience with cannabis, but we use this method to focus on the way you want to feel when using our products.


With 6 options for your feelings card: relaxed, focused, creative, happy, energetic, or relief, the guide lets you decide what type of cannabis experience you want, with the help of our expert staff. The cards also act as a reminder for after you use your products, to document your experience with the strain.

Portland Dispensary Serra is very different from your typical dispensary. We bring an artistic atmosphere to an open and light-filled environment. Unique fixtures set a relaxed tone and compliment the beautifully tiled floors below them. You are welcomed into an elegant and comfortable seating area where you can peek out the huge windows at the city. After your ID has been approved, you’re brought to the main area, which is a high-ceiling room full of light and wooden display cases with triangular glass tops that will remind you of a modern greenhouse – after all, the name Serra is ‘greenhouse’ in Italian.


The interior of Serra has a very clean and modern feel to it, similar to an art gallery. All of the flower is laid out on various blue-tinted ceramic dishes inside of wooden display cases. Bronze magnifying glasses are available near the display boxes, allowing customers to take a closer look at the gorgeous flower and its lush trichomes.

Coffee beans can be found to assist in clearing your scent palette as you browse multiple strains. With its experience and knowledge, attention to detail, and beautiful and welcoming atmosphere, Serra has taken the dispensary visit and turned it into luxury shopping.

Serra provides quality marijuana from high end growers, including Prūf Cultivar and East Fork, as well as edibles, like cannabis-infused chocolate bars made locally by Woodblock Chocolate and gummies by Wyld. The shop also offers artisan smoking paraphernalia: Hacienda Ware’s geometric ombré pipes and Summerland’s beautiful ceramic bongs, to name a few. If you are looking for something innovative, check out O.penVape cartridge pens or the Pax 3 vaporizer that you can fill with extract or flower.

Out of State

Those from out of state have no need to worry, Serra is in total compliance with Oregon’s legal medical and recreational marijuana programs. All are welcome, even if just to browse and learn more about cannabis.

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