Sunlan Lighting

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  • Light bulbs, standard and unusual
    Sunlan Lighting is your source for all your light bulb needs. The large store stocks all of your Standard bulbs and the “ I have never seen before light bulbs.” From colored bulbs to fun bulbs; Diode-LED strips to Holiday lighting; you will find your light bulb or fluorescent lamp at Sunlan.

    Sunlan Lighting was founded in 1989 by Kay Newell – also known as “The Light Bulb Lady.”

    Browse our store for:

    – Edison style bulbs

    – Full Spectrum lighting

    – Halogen and Xenon

    – Miniature light bulbs

    – Christmas and Patio

    – Old projector lamps

    – Parts to make/fix lamps

    – And much more

    You’ll always speak with friendly, helpful staff members who can answer all of your questions and help find the bulb you need!