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The Fernie Brae 4035 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland, OR 97214
Portland—SE Portland—Hawthorne

The Fernie Brae is a magical place. It is a gallery. A shoppe. And it is a home for the Faeries….the faeries you know exist in the whispers between the worlds and the faeries that live inside your very own hearts. The Fernie Brae is a place to gather and remember….how very magic we all are.

Our Intention
To create a sacred space that honors, evokes, and invites the inherent mystery and magic within nature into our lives through the thoughtful collection and curation of enchanting art and artifacts. To offer a safe place where people may experience the faery realm.

About Bryonie
The Dreamer behind The Fernie Brae
I grew up in Southern California climbing trees, dancing in the waves, and hiding keys in tiny nooks all over the land I lived on. If you asked me as a child about fairies I would have said I wanted nothing to do with them. Fairies were pink sparkly pretty things. And I was a scrubby tomboy. And then at age 15, my life changed when I discovered the artwork of Brian Froud. In his books, I saw worlds and creatures that were so familiar to me. It was as if I was reuniting with old friends. I had found a home I hadn’t even known I’d lost. And Brian called this home Faery… And its denizens, Faeries.

“When I was 21, I had fully accepted that Faeries were a huge and important part of my life.
They inspired, fueled, and enchanted everything I did.
And so, I had a vision…”
What if I could create a space that felt like stepping into Faery? A place that inspired and enchanted, that made you remember all that magic you knew existed when you were younger.
And I shared this vision with my mom. And she said, Let’s draw it! “Let’s draw your dream space…exactly as you’d want it.”
I believe then and there–the act of envisioning this space as real and putting it down on paper–the dream began to manifest. And everything in my life since has been steering me towards this dream coming true.
I began sculpting Faeries.
I met the absolute love of my life, Eric, who would support me every step of the way and become my partner in making this dream a Reality.
I found and immersed myself in a world and a community that knows magic is real.
The Frouds (Brian, Wendy, and Toby) came into my life and became family.
I became a mom to this shining, enchanting child who made me love and cherish my life even more…Why wouldn’t I make this life as boldly beautiful as possible and show him that manifesting your dreams is The most important thing in the world?
And so here we are…
The doors opened to the Fernie Brae on Friday, August 28th, 2015.

So I ask you all who see this and who feel inspired: Clap your hands and say “I DO believe in Faeries!”
And send a nod to my mom out there–to every mom who hears their children when they dare to say what they dream out loud and who respond with “Yes! Tell me more.”

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