World Forestry Center

/World Forestry Center
4033 SW Canyon Rd. Portland, OR 97221
(503) 228-1367

Founded in 1966, the World Forestry Center (WFC) is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to connecting people to the importance of forests and sustainable forestry. Based in Portland, Oregon, the WFC provides critical programs in convening and professional development of global leaders and practitioners in forestry and related fields. Through its World Forest Institute Program, the WFC has hosted public and private forest professionals from over 40 countries to advance research, networking, and knowledge exchange.

WFC’s Discovery Museum was opened in 1971 to educate the general public about local and global forests and sustainable forestry. Magness Memorial Tree Farm, our premier demonstration forest located near Sherwood, Oregon, offers a hands-on outdoor approach to environmental learning.

Our campus hosts over 65,000 visitors each year, many from other non-profits that use our space for gatherings, events, and meetings.

WFC’s board, staff and global network of partners, are working together to make WFC an epicenter of collaborative activity, where similarly focused organizations work together toward local and international solutions to climate change and forest health.

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