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/Zahara Boutique – Mississippi
3966 N Mississippi Avenue Portland, OR 97227
Portland—N Portland—Mississippi / Williams

What started from selling simple handmade jewelry from a table at a weekend outdoor market has now become a beautiful traveling boutique, two brick & mortar storefronts, as well as an online store.

Zahara was originally Gypsy Chic. The name Gypsy Chic was playfully conceived by its founders, when they observed themselves on a seemingly endless trek up and down the west coast of the United States, traveling from one festival to another selling stylish, affordable clothing and accessories.

Since then, Gypsy Chic has not only grown in size, but it has also matured as an organization within the community. One example of this is the campaign, GCB Love, which is focused on promoting body positivity and self-love primarily directed toward (but not limited to) women.

In 2010 Gypsy Chic’s sister store, Zahara, offered women’s footwear while encouraging body positivity with a slogan of “Walk Strong.” Current times being as they are, it seemed all too appropriate to revive the Zahara name, and reintegrate its principles.

Zahara stems from the founder’s connection with the desert, and means “to shine, or flower.” As the name suggests, it is felt that the time is now right for Gypsy Chic to blossom into Zahara.

Zahara is the sacred flower that against all odds, blooms and shares it’s beauty with the world in the harshest of environments. She is the light in all of us that wants to radiate out, but sometimes may need a little inspiration to do so. Our goal is simply to help your Zahara Shine From Within!

Visit Zahara Boutique on Portland’s famed Mississippi Avenue – an eclectic and densely packed collection of shops, restaurants, bars, and more!

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