This month we are exploring some special contributors to one of our newest, most interesting industries in America- Cannabis! Whether or not it was their intention to travel to Portland to enjoy our “Weed Tourism,” it’s always an option for visitors. If ever there was an idea to try to shop, think, and enjoy Portland ‘like a local’ in this town, this would be a great opportunity.

Since Oct 1, 2015, Oregon and Portland in particular joined the ranks of west coast states and cities that have embraced the formerly reviled and misunderstood green wonder that is the cannabis plant. Click here for an article I wrote earlier about this history. Since then, a whole new industry has appeared- the neighborhood ‘druggist’ has become an institution again for the first time in generations. Among the first cohort of those riding the wave was a group called Groundworks Industries. It launched not one but 2 well-known local groups of purveyors of relaxation, recreation, and medicine: the clean, fresh, and modern Serra, as well as the funky-cosmic-fun Electric Lettuce

With multiple (12 and counting) locations throughout the Portland Metro area (and one planned soon for Los Angeles- LOOKOUT, CALIFORNIA!), it’s a bit of a local empire. Serra is known for showcasing their beautiful plants in its downtown location in a late 19th century building as well as it’s bright and friendly shop in a former bodega on Belmont St. Electric Lettuce is a bit more offbeat, with locations in what look like old family homes and in some more suburban venues. EL tends to focus more on the culture, history, and peripheral elements of the cannabis experience. Check out whichever vibe resonates with you!