This month Brit and George (Portland Visitor’s Map Development Director and Owner) had the privilege of meeting with the owners of one of their favorite institutions in Portland, the U.S. Outdoor Store. The store first opened in 1947, as a US Army goods store. In 1957, the store shifted to catering directly to the adventurous people of the Northwest, and their recreational interests and needs. Owners, Ed and Carrie Ariniello, both longtime natives to the area, are passionate about the outdoors, customer service, retail, and creating connections within the community.  Their mission statement includes continuing to deliver excellent experiences customer service representatives, great gear at a value, but to also become deeply involved in the community, where we all work and play. Ed & Carrie are committed to creating connections between retail and nonprofit organizations in the region to enable mutually beneficial relationships and raise awareness of our beautiful surroundings.

Ed and Carrie are especially excited about getting involved with the Oregon Outdoor School, an organization that takes kids into the outdoors, teaching overall outdoor education. Ed and Carrie are helping Oregon Outdoor Schools ensure children of all demographics can experience the outdoors to its fullest, with the proper outdoor gear to ensure they can take advantage of this great program. Their goal is to make sure that all Oregon kids have access to this important educational experience.

Another topic/organization Ed and Carrie work directly with is early detection and fighting cancer enhancing their long commitment to the Northwest Cancer Resource Fund and the Cancer Ski & Bike Out programs. The couple is also highly involved in the War on Melanoma, this OHSU program aims to enhance awareness about an ailment that is often challenging to detect. The group looks to unite research, innovation, and resources to successfully prevent, identify and treat melanoma.  Through hard work and an army of volunteers, War on Melanoma is able to reduce mortality rates by utilizing baseline data, public health education campaigns, and early detection. Ed and Carrie continue to be highly involved with this organization and will continue with optimization efforts.

The duo is also organizing some unique marketing initiatives to allow for this crossover between local retail and the Portland Community.  One of these campaigns is called Campout 2018, which will take place at Pioneer Courthouse Square on July 14th, and will feature recreational vendors, non-profit organizations, food and local breweries. The first annual Campout 2018 will bring the public a unique opportunity to see camping from the perspectives of avid serious backwoods hiker/light camper, car camper and full family camping displays all the way to what’s becoming so popular now in glamping. The event will also provide interactive activities such as cooking demonstrations and educational sessions. Ed and Carrie’s vision is for everyone to realize that the outdoors is within everyone’s reach and explore options that may not have been imagined.  

Another really fun way to spread the love of their great space is by inviting people into the shop for free pilates and yoga on Tuesdays and Wednesdays respectively at 6:30 pm for both.

Lastly, the couple is excited to announce they are a supporting sponsor of the Waterfront Blues Festival and will have an on-site presence at the event.  Make sure to come on by, say hi, and enjoy the Festival with the U.S. Outdoor Store team!

The Ariniello’s along with their expert team at US Outdoor are committed to help everyone discover, pursue and live their passion. “This is who we are!” “We know the outdoors!”

Thank you to Ed and Carrie and the US Outdoor team for providing such a great service to not only the gear heads of Portland, but also to the community as a whole! We here at Portland Visitor’s Map are excited to have you with us and look forward to see the positive growth this store has in its future!

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