On lively Hawthorne Street in a former movie theater, you can find a very unique spot. Quarterworld Barcade is one of the best collections of video games in the city, combining community and fun in a safe and approachable space. From the nostalgia of classic golden age games like Galaga through the 90s mashers like the Simpsons and on to today’s cutting-edge experiences, Quarterworld is a celebration in electronic entertainment.

Steps from killer eateries and east-side attractions, Quarterworld is a dream come true for anyone who wants to appreciate humanity’s newest emerging art form- games enhanced by the magic of electricity. No game parlor is complete, however, without the more analog games- so we can also find basketball and skeeball, air hockey, and most importantly- pinball. Quarterworld boasts one of the best collections in a town known for pinball. Pinheads can turn to plungeroos quickly in the action-packed floor at Quarterworld.

It would be only an arcade if video games were the only attraction. Indeed, minors are allowed until 8pm. But this is a BARcade, boasting a full set of taps (18 beers and ciders), a full bar with themed cocktails, as well as pizza, wraps, burgers, and snacks to fuel the hungry gamer. What really puts Quarterworld on the next level, so to speak, is Tessi. A rarity throughout the world and an incredible relic of our geeky past, the folks at Quarterworld got their hands on a real honest-to-goodness Tesla Coil. This is a tower which emits so much power that it will actually light flourescent tubes that are just IN THE VINCINITY, not attached to the module. It also makes a very loud, crackling noise that they have harnessed to make music with. Hear your favorite songs played by a crackling system as it shreds the air around you with its haunting buzz. It’s an unforgettable experience, and only available Tuesdays and Sundays at 4 and 9pm. Earplugs supplied and encouraged.

Check out their website at https://quarterworldarcade.com/.