One great Portland success story of the local food cart scene is Fried Egg I’m in Love (FEIIL). FEIIL changed the game in the way we think about egg sandwiches. Their daring fusions have clever names like the “Yolko Ono”, and slick marketing to match. They produce so much more than just beloved food, it’s a whole experience. Their success as a food cart on the East Side earned the cart a featured spot in Pioneer Courthouse Square, right in the heart of downtown Portland. There, their distinctive yellow cart turns everyone’s heads, and people can’t help but wonder what sort of food comes out. They even offer gluten-free and vegan options for conscious eaters. FEIIL’s true success story came this past January, when they opened their own brick and mortar back in Southeast Portland, at 35th and Hawthorne, complete with a full list of breakfast cocktails to pair with their egg-cellent sandwiches. Their new digs are located just a few blocks from their original food cart location. You can spot their quintessential yellow exterior a mile away. Check them out in either location, and learn more at their website,


Portland has always been a haven for foodies. The famous American chef and food philosopher George Beard was born and raised here. His mission was “to defend the pleasure of real cooking and fresh ingredients against the assault of the Jell-O-mold people and the domestic scientists” according to food author David Kamp (link). Portland in the 80’s found itself with the best craft beer scene in the world and access to very high quality locally grown and raised ingredients. Then there was a constant stream of creative young people pouring out of the unaffordable Seattle and San Francisco areas. These factors led to Portland especially growing it’s reputation in the last 35 years.